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Haines Industrial Park


Client:                                    Whitesell



Project:                                 Site Development

                                               Master Plan

Construction Cost:              $175,000,000

Location:                               Burlington Twp/

                                               Florence Twp




Site Development Design Engineering

Environmental Permitting


Site design and development of a 1,200 acre vacant parcel of land situated between the NJ Turnpike and abutting the Delaware River.  Land Dimensions created a comprehensive Master Plan that addressed complexities such as environmental constraints, wetland delineations, wildlife studies, as well as utility infrastructure capacity and interconnections between the municipalities of Florence and Burlington Townships.  The Master Plan allows for a regional distribution center that can accommodate a total capacity of 7 million s.f. of floor space.  Additionally, a light rail station for the Camden/Trenton River Line has been located on the premises.



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