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We are 21st Century realists with 20th Century ideals. We lived in the era of dial-up telephones with party lines and now live in a world of social networks. We were fascinated by the technology of the telecopier, and now the internet is not fast enough. We span two centuries – we are not going back to the future, we are moving forward to the past. We are blending how things once were with how they are now.


We have been resilient throughout our 42 years of business, surviving three major economic downturns. We have established Land Dimensions as a leader in the South Jersey region. We are recognized for possessing a commitment to quality through attention to detail, and employing a philosophy of service derived from providing outstanding attention to our clients’ needs. Our commitment to the community where we live and work is proven through our involvement with countless charitable endeavors, and serving on multiple civic advisory and not for profit boards, 


Maintaining relevancy has been one of the largest and most exciting challenges we have faced to date. As the community continues to evolve, changes in social, economic, and environmental demographics are creating a need for the built environment to remain adaptable to meet growing needs. Through our intimate knowledge of New Jersey’s complex land use code, physical landscape, trending growth patterns, and immersion in innovative trade techniques, we are proud to continue to offer the highest standard of services our clients have come to expect.


And, what we do is a reflection of who we are. Who we were in 1979 – we were a team of two. We were smart, we were creative, we cared, we were passionate, and we had an entrepreneurial spirit. The world has changed. The economy has changed. Innovation in technology has changed. The way we communicate has changed. But our core has not changed. We are the same today as we were then. 


Our feet were in the 20th Century, but our eyes were on the future. And we are still a team.

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