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Downtown Revitalization Plan


Client:                                Borough of Pitman

Project:                              Transportation and




Location:                            Pitman, NJ   


Land Use Planning

Economic Development




On behalf of the Borough of Pitman, Land Dimensions applied for and received a

TCDI grant from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.  Our planning approach on behalf of the Borough was for the creation of a Downtown Revitalization Strategy that integrated a cohesive path unifying the disciplines of land use planning, marketing and economic development. 


Using this core principle of incorporating an integrated approach was the foundation of creating a plan that is results-oriented and encompasses all aspects of true economic development.


Land Dimensions believes setting economic strength as a goal aids in the creation of a robust business district.  Equally important is the goal of creating job opportunities for residents with entrepreneurial skills through access to the resources that will enable them to prosper and attain their individual goals.       


Through the process of gathering stakeholder input and doing the fundamental planning research and recommendations, we keep in mind the long-term goals of implementation.  Coupled with the marketing strategy, a vision is created that potential businesses, investors/developers, cultural venues, and new residents can rapidly “buy into,” which accelerates the desired change.  



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